I don’t know where to begin.

Looking back to that day when Jamari and I were sitting in the car and Coach Rudy was about to board his plane to Florida, and we were waiting on him to call us back.  Jamari was so torn about wanting to broaden his basketball experience, but at the same time he stood on his faith that Coach Rudy would call us back.  No longer had I just finished reprimanding Jamari about him having to stay active even if Coach Rudy did not call back, my phone rang.  It was Coach Rudy, and all I can remember was his infamous words, “Bring The Big Guy On”!

If I have never seen Jamari do the Funky Chicken, he did it in the car that day!!

Ever since joining the Mass Commanders, and under the stellar coaching and guidance of Coach Rudy I have witnessed Jamari’s improvement in his learning, dedication, discipline, morale, sportsmanship, techniques, and standards of the game.  Jamari is evolving into becoming the whole player, which is crucial as he continues to progress in the sport of basketball.

As a single mother, I am always in Jamari’s ear about his academics and keys to success beyond basketball, the final line is “No Books, No Balls”!!!  Jamari continues to display high academic achievements, which paves the way for him to continue to be a part of the Mass Commanders Family.

I admire Jamari’s respect for the game, his coach, and his teammates.  His interaction and camaraderie no matter what setting he is in is exemplary.

Thank you Coach Rudy and The Mass Commanders for providing such an outlet for not only Jamari, but all of the boys that you have under your tutelage.  Making it possible and providing the platform for them to stay recreationally active speaks volumes to your organization!!!!



Sydney Fuller-Jones Boston, MA.

When I started working with Rudy I learned the hard way that I had a lot to work on. My jump shot was inconsistent, ball handling was too soft, defensive slides were too slow, core strength was too weak and other things as well. It's actually pretty amazing how quickly I started to notice a difference after starting to work with Rudy. Within a couple weeks, I noticed my stamina was better, my core was stronger, my ball handling tightened up, and even my shot was falling more.

I had the honor of training 3x a week at 8 in the morning with a professional basketball player and another elite level player. Rudy's training always consisted of two things: intensity and consistency. My hour with him was never wasted, regardless of what shape I was in, or even what time of the day it was. I also got more out of my hour than just basketball. Rudy taught me the importance of getting into the weight room, especially since I will be competing at the college level. After our 8am sessions, I went right into the weight-room to train with another guy from our sessions. If it wasn't for Rudy I probably wouldn't dedicate so much time to the weight-room.

Rudy's drills aren't typical ball handling, shooting, passing or even defensive exercises that you would normally see. The tools, medicine balls, dummy defenders, hitting pads, balance discs and jump ropes are implemented into almost every session. The "obstacle courses" that he seems to create make everything that much harder.

Everything you do with Rudy has a purpose. If you don't understand something, he does an excellent job of explaining a drill, why it's done, and even a game situation.

The training Rudy puts players through is the most intense and tiring hour of my day. But there is no doubt in my mind that it all pays off. He teaches you everything you need to know to personalize and improve YOUR game. Playing pickup and practicing what he teaches you in you training session is critical to improvements. No player can depend on going to him to train and after a while hope it get's then better.

Overall, Iv'e seen it with myself and I have seen it with others. Rudy's training is physical yet also mental. His sessions really push and test every player to their level, and increase their mental toughness by a number. Confidence is something I have had trouble with for years now, but working with Rudy and progressing have improved my confidence a significant amount. Anyone that I know who is serious about basketball I will refer them to Rudy, he's the best trainer in New England.

Barak Swarttz Newton, MA.