Reclaiming The Game, Inc. offers year round skills development for the basketball player who has more than just a love for the game. Reclaiming The Game, Inc. wants to develop the committed and passionate player who is willing to sacrifice to get to the next level. 1-on-1 trainings, tryout preparations, boot camps, clinics, and small group training sessions are some of the most popular services Reclaiming The Game, Inc has to offer. We teach girls and boys from the 2nd grade up to the professional level the core skills of the game – ball handling, shooting, dribbling, post play, rebounding, defense, passing, and conditioning. Workouts are individually tailored to enable each athlete to play at the highest possible level.

The attention to every detail in your game will set you apart physically and mentally from the pack. I love the game just as much or more than my clients. Seeing my clients succeed and accomplish their basketball goals is a win for us all.

“We work players out the right way, but more importantly the REAL way.”

Rudy Crichlow, Jr.
Reclaiming The Game, Inc.
Pro Basketball Skills Trainer
(617) 406-8304